By Maduranga Jayasinghe | January 2, 2016

Early Childhood

I was born to the best parents in the world who have guided me and have opened many doors for me. My parents gave me a meaning full name called 'Maduranga' and father to be exact. My father Dr. Premathilake Jayasinghe is an Ayurvedic physician and an astrological consultant by profession. My mother, Wasantha Ranjani is a good housewife. Being only one child in the family, I spent a carefree childhood doing the things I loved the most. I had a dream to be a doctor like my father. Besides, my parents wanted me to be a doctor. The reason I'm swayed is that all my ancestors are indigenous physicians and I'm coming from such an ancestry. They wanted me to continue their family status. By the way, I never really thought that I would become an engineer insulting my ancestry. I didn't have any thirsty for medicine. There I was at the age of nine, ten showing that I created some innovative things using wasted things. But I didn't felt that my parents really admired or encouraged me looking those things. They always said that I'm doing useless things. My father and mother didn't support all the things what I did. They had put keen attention to me what I am doing. They always pushed me to the academic side and guided standing behind me. Sometimes I felt 'what a heigh-ho!'.But, they persuaded me into the academic side and it caused to get good education foundations which really helped to complete my university education easily and helped to survive being a software engineer. Take this as the time to thank my parents, because they have sacrificed their entire life for me to give a better future. Therefore, I always say that my parents are the wind beneath my wings. By the way, as I am the only child that is my guilty pleasure – having my mother's attention all the time to me. My mother was always behind to me and protected me as much as her eyes. This is how my early childhood and was being spent like this.

School life

My parent put me a one of the famous national school in Negombo, Sri Lanka. It was my primary and secondary education school. At the very first day, I was cried. Because everyone else was doing so. I could not remember much more other than that I was cried. Mrs.Malkanthi was my grade 1 teacher. She was a kind teacher and protected us as much as our mothers. I completed my school life getting good academic & spiritual development without any kind of complaint from the teachers with lots of sweet memories.

Spiritual Growth

I suppose, the academic side of a person and growing as a spiritual person are equally important. A spiritual person is always practising humility, selfless, devotion etc. I was a Buddhist inborn because of my family background. But later on, I was a Buddhist by understanding and followed Load Buddha's philosophy deeply. Among the exaggerated religious fanatics who try to show that they are the real lay followers by spending lots of money for almsgiving, donation like socially exposing activities, I always try to protect five precepts which constitute the basic code of ethics undertaken by lay followers of Buddhism at least. I used to go to temple once a month on Poyaday with my father and mother when I had been with my parents in Sri Lanka. There's no other place that real feeling of relaxation in the world I have ever been other than Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. Besides, Every Sunday morning I went to Dhamma school to learn Buddhist philosophy. I always try to adopt things that I can do being a lay follower of Buddhism for the betterment of myself and society. Normally I wasn't an active character in my school period like any other students. So, I didn't participate many extracurricular activities in my school life other than a junior and senior prefect of the school.


When I was 14 years old, I started photography as a hobby using my father's 35mm SLR film camera. I preferred black and white. I have heard some people says that color photography is more replete than black and white photography. I can't see eye to eye with those people because we cannot compare a color photo with a black and white photo. Both have a different way of art. By the way, I followed photography related book which my father already had brought. My father also a good photographer and was my photography teacher. I learned basic things of photography and how to use the camera from my father. Then I continued it by practicing.

Turning Point of Life

When I was 16 years old, my father bought a computer for his works. Meanwhile, I used to go to my father's office in my spare time. My father lets me play with the computer in his office. But my mother blew up at me always while I was sitting in front of it. By the way, that's how I first got interested in technology. There were few of my classmates had had computers those days. While my classmates were using computers for gaming, watching movies, listening music, etc... I wanted to understand how it worked and how computer to do what I want. However, I knew that without the skill and know-how of programming it would be only a dream. So, I was finding a teacher to get to know about programming. But I was unable to find a computer teacher. Those days there was no Internet and trust me I haven't even heard about the internet. Then I went to bookstores and was spending time around computer related bookshelves. One day I saw a book, it's "Programming in Clipper". It was included a floppy disk I wondered what is it?. I read the back cover page and could be able to know that it's contained the clipper compiler for free. With the happy face, I bought that book using my pocket money and came to home like a bird. I started coding when I was 16. Then I started programming it to make simple programs.

Once I started programming, I knew that I am really enjoying it. Whatever I do, I put my heart and soul into it. It had a pretty big impact on my life and I felt that my dream was being changed from doctor to engineer. After two years, when I was 18 years old, I met my first client. I developed a Stock Control System for Rs. 25,000. By that time, It was a considerable amount. I spent Rs.12,000 from it and bought a mobile phone and used to take it to school as well. I was the first mobile phone buyer among my classmates. After that, some other friends also bought the mobile phone and made a new trend at the school. This is how I started my career life and had to face lots of problems being an inexperienced programmer and I'm blamed by some of the clients. Now I know that experience how much influence to me to survive as the professional software engineer.

Even though I was preparing for taking G.C.E Advance Level examination, I gave priority to computer programming. In Sri Lanka, G.C.E. Advance Level examination is only the examination for the university entrance. Candidates are allowed only three attempts. In the 1st attempt, I failed the exam. I could get 2 Simple passes for Biology and Physics. I failed Chemistry. This is the very first time I failed an exam and got this much of low marks. I felt something is going wrong and I thought If I got a failure in my Advance level examination, It would cause to fail my entire life. Then, got back and worked hard for the second attempt for a year. This time I got 3 'C' passes and selected for faculty of Institute of Indigenous Medicine - University of Colombo to following Ayurveda Medicine and marks were not enough for applying for western medicine's medical faculty. Then I faced my last attempts. This time I got 'A' pass for Chemistry, 'B' pass for Physics and 'C' pass for Biology with the district rank of 138. But unfortunately, Result is not enough for the Medicine. That time only first top 94 of the district rank were allowed to apply for the medicine. This time I selected to the Bioscience and I lost my previous time chance. I fluctuated and was thinking what to do. I thought Bioscience is not suitable for me because I'm not interested in it. Then I got a bold decision and applied semi-government IT institute to follow their degree program. I have to face the aptitude test and could be able to select for the course. Then I enjoying studying for four years as well as the part-time job of software development. I realized that now I have put on my own track and just suited to me, even though I was unable to take my parents' dream into true.

to be continued...